You Know You’re an Adult When…

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June 15, 2018 by lucieromarin

  1. You have the bronchitis that will not die;
  2. But you have to get up at 5am tomorrow to travel for work;
  3. To a place that’s very cold;
  4. And you have a routine home inspection the day after you return;
  5. But you opened the back door this morning and an ant infestation fell out of the door jamb in a heaving mass;
  6. And then you got on the bus and saw a large spider crawling into another commuter’s hair (yes, I rescued her);
  7. And you are home now and still haven’t packed or said your prayers or washed your hair;
  8. Because your bronchitis will not die, so you’re pretty tired;
  9. But you have to get up at 5am tomorrow;
  10. and you just sprayed another batch of ants near your laptop,
  11. and then saw that the bottle said ‘outdoor pest control;’
  12. and your neighbours just cranked up the volume.


Gah! Excuse me while I go and make a lung-clearing tea and wonder if this is The Selfish Single Life. Real thoughts will be posted upon my return at the end of next week.

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