Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. A Difference of One Percent


    July 30, 2014 by lucieromarin

    Following the theme of Building a New Life, I’ve mentioned a couple of times the Bright New Job which follows …
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  2. Saturday: Saints, Styling, Shopping

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    July 26, 2014 by lucieromarin

    Today being the Feast of St Ann, we all made the obvious meditation (or listened to it in a sermon). …
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  3. An Assumption Motet


    July 23, 2014 by lucieromarin

    Speaking of choirs and whatnot, Assumption is not far off, and we’re learning this motet. Obviously, we’re going to sound …
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  4. God’s Chosen Outsiders


    July 21, 2014 by lucieromarin

    A single misunderstanding of mystical phenomena (or alleged mystical phenomena) manifests itself in one of two ways. The first is …
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  5. The View from the Loft


    July 16, 2014 by lucieromarin

    The obvious piece of advice to give anyone thinking of joining a liturgical choir is this… don’t do it! Are …
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  6. I Guess the Marketing Team Was Away That Day

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    July 14, 2014 by lucieromarin

  7. In Thanksgiving for Converts


    July 13, 2014 by lucieromarin

    Every cradle Catholic loves a conversion story, because conversion stories contain all the best elements of adventure and romance. There’s …
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