An Assumption Motet


July 23, 2014 by lucieromarin

Speaking of choirs and whatnot, Assumption is not far off, and we’re learning this motet. Obviously, we’re going to sound every bit as good as the Sixteen…despite the fact that the alto upon whom I usually lean is abandoning me to sing an alto line all by herself. Only, I cannot remember which line she’s learning, which means  I cannot remember which alto line I’m meant to be learning. Oh, dear…

5 thoughts on “An Assumption Motet

  1. Team Alto says:

    Youtube is a great help, for looking and learning. I sing along regularly with the Tallis Scholars – it’s great to learn from the best. 🙂

    • lucieromarin says:

      I meant to ask last time if you’d ever sung Mass in Re. Fortunately, I’ll never be in charge of a choir, but if I was, and was looking some something a bit special but not super-difficult, that’ll be my choice.

      • Team Alto says:

        Hi, lucieromarin, I’ve been super busy, so sorry for the late reply. Er, what is Mass in Re? I googled the phrase, and got some hits about Massachusetts, and some about mass shootings, but no music hits to speak of. You’ll have to explain to me!

      • lucieromarin says:

        Hi! Let me check in our choir cupboard tonight; I can’t remember who composed it. But it’s a super-simple two-part setting which can be done with men and women or alto and soprano, but which, despite being really, really simple, is still pretty. It also has the advantage of being fairly brief, so it’s good for congregations who don’t really want to listen to a five-minute Gloria but would like to hear something different. (‘Pretty’ is probably the best word for it; it won’t do if you need something spectacular and glorious.) I assume the ‘Re’ refers to the starting note or the clef or something, which makes me wonder if there’s a Mass in Doh and a Mass in Fa out there somewhere. Anyway, I’ll check tonight!

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