The Really Odd Thing is…

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March 20, 2018 by lucieromarin

…that everyone knows that a prisoner is imprisoned. He can’t just go wandering about from parish to parish to find a good priest. So we all know this – that an imprisoned Catholic is utterly dependent for the sacraments on whoever the Church sends him for a chaplain.

CSNSW cannot be expected to know that the Mass is the most important thing in the universe to the Catholic Church. Neither can they be expected to know what the sacrament of Confession is in the Catholic understanding of healing. But his employers in Archdiocese – especially the mitred ones – do know. And, knowing what the faith teaches, they sent incarcerated criminals a chaplain who cannot hear their confessions.

In whose interest is such a decision made? Is the availability of the sacraments to prison inmates of so little consequence? Must they, too, adapt themselves to his wants, instead of the chaplain being supplied who could meet the needs on which rest the fate of their immortal souls?

It’s an odd decision, coming from persons who are officially orthodox of mind.


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