Rhapsody Rhapsody


April 24, 2014 by lucieromarin

Roadkill of the world! I’ve written elsewhere about the bizarre habit of telling single people that they ought not to live alone as flatting with other people is a necessary approximation of the community life of religious houses or family.

Well – I can assure you today that true and bubbling happiness is a half-empty flat strewn with boxes into which one’s few possessions are making their way, in preparation for moving into your own place! Never mind that the floor is hard and your jeans are grubby and you have to get up for work tomorrow – every bit of masking tape is a sign of the new life that is about to be yours, and that’s what we’re about – making that life! Who knew it could actually happen?

The next nine days are going to be pretty busy here – flying interstate for a wedding, singing Mass and Divine Mercy devotions, packing, new-job training, and moving – so if I’m short on profound thoughts about religious subcultures, that will will be why! But this is a little of what I’ve been thinking about:

1) the difference between a God who creates ex nihilo and a God who creates by emanations.

2) bridge-building books -are there books about controversial issues that both Catholics and non-Catholics can enjoy? (answer, yes.).

3) the absolute delight of making a home on a budget of five cents.

4) an answer to a reader’s question from many moons ago. I’ve been thinking more about clerical roadkill, reading lives of the saints, and drawing conclusions.





2 thoughts on “Rhapsody Rhapsody

  1. Team Alto says:

    Hurrah for rugged independence! All the best!

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