Seven Possible Topics. One Must Prevail…

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May 21, 2013 by lucieromarin

Seven possible topics are competing for my attention. I can’t choose between them. Here they are:

1) Chaperoning, and the point at which it becomes an act of cultural self-sabotage.

2) Silence, and its use in conservative culture; the good, the bad, and the reasons why some persons will resist the idea that it can be used badly.

3) Labelling: I read a post on another blog recently which concluded that before Vatican II, there were no Catholic subcultures (eg, trad and neo-con); but only Catholics and heretics. I’d like to reply to this post – not entirely in disagreement, but not entirely in agreement, either.

4) Wandering about a bookshop today, I was struck by a blinding revelation about a book which repelled me ten years ago. The words which made me depressed and angry back then suddenly reappeared to my mind’s eye as liberating. Wow. I’d like to share this.

5) This could end up as two posts, but I’ve also been thinking about the choices that confront us as we decide whether to remain in our communities or to leave them.

6) Another parlour game. Hint. I’ve been watching Fringe, so it’s been inspired by the theological dilemmas that face a woman who suddenly finds herself in a parallel universe and/or alternate timeline. Yeah, this one’s not serious.

7) A simple remedy for almost all of life’s woes, which is particularly good for roadkill.

Not being St Catherine of Siena, I am unable to dictate seven letters simultaneously. One of these topics will appear in a day or so. But who (other than a character from Topic 6) knows which it will be?

**Update** I forgot the eighth topic (see recent post on memory-loss!). It’s a list of not-quite-so-orthodox-after-all warning-signs.

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