How to Make Yourself Cry at Your Desk


March 14, 2013 by lucieromarin

Remember stuff! Stuff like this:

17 years ago: “Eeee! I’m so happy for you!”

16 years ago: “Don’t worry, Lucy. You could still marry someone you respect.”

13 years ago: “You will be married by the age of thirty.”

12.5 years ago: “I’m so happy for you. You know…you see people go through things, and you hope there’s something for them at the end of it…”

12 years ago: “God must have something wonderful in store for you, to be giving you so much heartbrake [sic] now.”

11 years ago: “Don’t worry, Lucy. It will happen for you in no time. No time.”

10 years ago: “Well, at least you’ve kept your looks. Age is a curse for women.”

7 years ago: “You seem to have a great desire to become a saint. I think you should be prepared for the possibility that there is no one for you.”

6 years ago: “So, do you feel called to the single life?”

5 years ago: “So, Lucy, what did you do with your life? Did you get married and have lots of kids?…Oh. Ah, let me guess. You’ve bought an apartment, you’ve filled it with books, and you’ve got yourself a cat.”

4 years ago: “You must pray very hard, because when you reach menopause and you have no children, you can be very depressed.”

3 years ago: “You know, you should get a move on before it’s too late, like, you know…the darling buds of May…”

2 years ago: “Probably for most of you your spouses have been aborted.”

3 months ago: “Hi! Have you found a boyfriend?”



(n.b – the speakers before 10 years ago were female. All the comments from 10 years ago onwards came from men. Apparently, the older a woman gets the freer men feel to comment on her marital status!).

And to think that I have to be grateful for this!!!!



One thought on “How to Make Yourself Cry at Your Desk

  1. Maria says:

    Easy solution to your problem here: Either:
    a) You need to start associating with different people or
    b) wear ear plugs when around them or
    c) don’t give a rat’s tuchus and move on.
    Really, there are much nicer people in the world to associate with than the ones you have quoted here.
    My advice, DON’T remember stuff especially the hurtful, tactless stuff…it will only depress you..and these people are not worth it.
    Remember the nice conversations, the quiet moments spent in the autumn sun whilst your soul sang praises to the One who matters, the joyous moments where you could jump to the heavens and rejoice in a God who’s love is abounding no matter how devastating the shipwreck may be…and yes some are devastating…
    “avoid a wicked man, for he breeds only evil, lest you incur a lasting stain” Sirach 11:33
    and if you believe that these people are not ill-meaning..then:
    “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”..Our Lord Himself!

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